Choose the Right Spray for You


Choosing the Right Spray(s) for the Job

Over the years, we have gained additional information about our sprays and what they can do. We also listen to our customers who offer us their findings about how the sprays worked/affected them. Here we have sorted the sprays into categories of what types of situation they may be helpful for.

Struggling With a Problem that Needs Shifting
Moving On | Setting Free | Clarity | New Life | Understanding | Clearzone

Low in energy; Feeling fed up
Surge | Uplifting | New Life | Reiki

Remove Negative Energy; Establish Positive Energy in its Place
Clearzone | Reiki

Add More Joy to Your Life
Bubbles of Joy | Fun and Delight | 100 Rainbows

Sprays Made With Children In Mind
Bubbles of Joy | Safe and Sound | 100 Rainbows | Fun and Delight

Attracting Positivity
Fruition | Harmony of Love | Reiki | Unity

Developing Who You Really Are
Finding Your Voice | Going Beyond | Unity | Understanding | Free Spirit

Selling Your Home
Clearzone followed by Moving On, sprayed in every room including all the corners!

Temporary Meltdowns
Calm | Get a Grip | Moving On | Safe and Sound | Clarity | Forgiveness | Trust

Testing Times
Calm | Get a Grip | Clarity | Concentration